Application 2pocket

Accelerate an interaction with the waiter or waitress in your favorite restaurant. Order and pay via your phone. We will refund you up to 10% of your expense which you can use due to the 2pocket in any other partner restaurant. Save both your time and money with every meal and drink.

Download 2pocket and save on even today's orders

Up to 10% of your spending
back into your pocket

Simple payments through
the mobile phone

Convenient table

Automatic waiter

Quick order
and payment

Option to order online
right in the app

Restaurants that appreciate
their customers

Real-time overview
of special offers

According to an international analysis


of the guests are not satisfied with the speed of the service


of the guests would like to pay through the mobile phone


of the guests would welcome a discount for their loyalty

2pocket2pocket helps you change this


Good restaurants are particularly known for the great food and pleasant service. The best restaurants can offer even more, - advanced loyalty systems for their customers. Thanks to 2pocket, you can get up to 10% of every meal and drink price back into your pocket.


You can check in at the particular table, order just what you want, watch the actual status of your order and even pay through your mobile phone. Simply. Fast. Online.


Time is money and 2pocket saves both. There is no more waiting for staff to notice you and take your order during busy lunch time with on-line ordering system. No more arguments about the number of beers you had and waiting in line to pay when you go out with your friends and each wants to pay separately. Everyone pays for their orders. Within few moments and without waiting.


The number
of app downloads

6 573

Bills paid via
2pocket in total

8 974 CZK

Returned to loyal


Sign in to your app

via email or your Facebook account.

Choose your favorite restaurant or the nearest one.

Find out what is there for lunch today, check the opening hours or call them straight away.

Check in at the table

by scanning a QR code.

Make an order.

You can make additional order anytime later.

Keep track of your orders and your actual expense.

You will see if the order is accepted or pending. No more arguments with your friends about how many beers you or they had.

Pay with the card stored in the app

or with electronic wallet, which you can charge at the cash desk in the restaurant. Leave a tip if you want to and get up to 10% of your money back.


Which restaurants are using 2pocket?

The application can be used in the Loft N8 restaurant in Prague 1 where you can try it and recommend it to your favorite restaurant or bar.

Is the app available for Windows Phone?

An Android app will be available soon, Windows Phone version has not been planned yet.

How can I recommend 2pocket to other restaurants?

Use the form on the web below or mention the app in your favorite restaurant and refer the staff or owners to the web

How do I check in at a table with the app?

Simply. Just sit down, launch the application and scan the QR code laying on each table by pushing the ‚sit button‘.

How can I charge my 2pocket wallet?

You can charge your wallet directly via the application using a saved credit card or by cash at the cash desk right in the restaurant.

How do I assign a credit card to the application?

Just check the "save credit card" button within your first card payment. The next payment will be made automatically

Where can I use the returned money?

You can use your Cashback in all restaurants that are registered in our system and are using the 2pocket app.


the 2pocket to your restaurant

Do you have other favorite places that have not yet been using 2pocket? Let them know about the app.

Come and try 2pocket

to restaurant LOFT No 8